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Targeting Strategies That Work Part 1: Differentiated Marketing

If “marketing” were a one-size-fits-all operation, we’d be able to sum up the beauty of differentiated market targeting strategies in one statistic: high-growth firms are …

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Differentiation & Positioning Strategy: Expectations vs Reality

Differentiation & Positioning Strategy: Expectations vs Reality

You’ve probably heard you need to differentiate your firm. How do you do it and is it actually all that important? Come to think of it, what exactly is brand differentiation?

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Keyword Discovery for Creative Content Production

Keyword Discovery: Produce Creative Content to Be Seen

If there was ever a recipe for ranking well on search engines, the main ingredient would be producing great content. After all, how far will optimizing your website get you if you don’t have content that’s useful?

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Planning Changes To Your Business

Adjust Your Marketing Message to Match the Changing Needs of Your Clients

Through any time of global market uncertainty, the ability to adapt – how you work, what you focus on, and how you’re talking to your clients – will be crucial to how well your business will bounce back, survive and thrive.

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Understanding the buyers journey.

How To Use the Buyer’s Journey to Create Better Small Business Marketing

No matter what type of product or service they are searching for, customers typically follow a similar pattern in their purchasing decision, called the buyer’s journey.

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Odd Socks Stand Out

How to update your Google My Business description

Your Google My Business (GMB) listing is an important marketing tool. Especially for local businesses. Now you can add a description of your business to …

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