Become the First Choice in Your Market with Dash

Become the First Choice in Your Market

Get a website and digital strategy that connects with clients and drives new business.

Are you missing 90% of your clients?

New business relationships start online. If your website fails to start a relationship, 9/10 buyers will rule you out before ever speaking with you. Don’t get lost in a sea of sameness.

Take control of your business development

Your people are amazing. Passionate experts who can truly help clients. What if you could proactively and intentionally get them in front of the right buyers – more often?

Hedley Swann Digital Strategist on Becoming First Choice in Your Market

Ready for growth? Let’s plan it together.

6 Website Strategies to Drive New Business

In this video training we'll teach you how to improve your company website to drive new business relationships and connect with more clients.

Become the first choice in your market

Get focused, capture buyer attention, build and nurture new business relationships with digital marketing that works.


More of your best clients

Stand out, attract more of your most profitable clients and close deals at the prices you deserve.


Feel in control

Rely no longer on passive business development. Control your marketing, control your future.


Grow your business

Use automated processes to start and nurture relationships at scale. Consistently drive new business.

We believe good companies should lead their market

Like you, we hate seeing a buyer choose an inferior competitor who just ends up hurting both them and your industry. Good clients deserve good companies – help them choose yours.

We help good companies master digital to connect with more clients and become the first choice in their market.

We can only be effective if you have a good reputation, truly help your clients, and are prepared for growth.

Paul Mead
"These guys are my secret weapon for growing my business. More than web developers, they are business developers!"
Paul Mead
She Maps
Katherine Haines
"The Dash team are not just my website guys, they are my guiding light when it comes to marketing strategy."
Katherine Haines
Nannie Gieles
"Not only very knowledgable in their field, but also pleasant to work with. Would highly recommend Dash."
Nannie Gieles
Phil Pethick
"I had to ask if Hedley had been in our line of business before. I would highly recommend."
Phil Pethick

Digital marketing services

Digital Strategy

Clarify what you do, how you make people’s lives better, and why they should buy from you. Your strategy will hone your message and lay out your road map to become the first choice your market, capture buyer attention, and drive new business relationships - consistently.

Marketing Platforms

Marry your strategy with the right website and marketing technology. We take care of everything, from design and development, to copywriting and lead magnets, email sequences and integration. You get a platform that generates and nurtures new business relationships - automatically.

Digital Accelerator

Done-for-you marketing execution. Fuel your website and social media with valuable content that captures attention and builds relationships. Draw buyers into your marketing platform. Get our brains in your business and become first choice in your market - faster.

How about a guarantee?

Will this work? At this stage you just don't know.

To ensure your investment, we guarantee everything we do. If you can’t see the value in our strategy then we will refund the fee. If we set measurable goals for your marketing platform and execution and miss, we’ll work for free until they’re achieved. Unheard of in marketing? Sure, but here’s the thing – guaranteeing a result creates clarity and focus (for both you and us). We don’t promise something we can’t achieve, and work damn hard to make sure we achieve what we promise.

Simple as that.

You can master digital


Schedule a call

A no-obligation discovery call to assess where you are, where you want to go, and what’s holding you back from success.


Develop your marketing

Work with our team to develop your strategy, message, website and marketing platform to connect with more clients online.


Become first choice

Convert more visitors to qualified opportunities and create predictable pipeline for your team. Break through and achieve your new business targets.

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Schedule a Free Planning Call

Take the first step to becoming first choice in your market. Start with a Planning Call with a Dash Digital Strategist. We’ll get to the root of your biggest digital marketing challenges, provide valuable insights, and determine whether we’re a good fit to help your business.

Every business wants to lead. Few inspire clients to follow.

We get it, digital is still pretty new – but we both know that buyers are more informed and empowered than ever. They are self-diagnosing their problems, researching solutions, and comparing you to your competitors – online, from the comfort of their office.

Today, new business relationships are forged online.

You’re great at closing deals, but you just don’t have enough deals to close. Buyers just aren’t calling like they used to. In fact, 9/10 buyers report ruling out a business before ever speaking with them. Why? Because their digital presence failed to peak their interest and start a relationship.

Your people are very good in person. Highly trained experts who are passionate about helping their clients. But, don’t you wish they’d take time to engage the market and create new relationships to drive growth? 

The truth is, motivating disciplined action in “seller/doer” consultants is a losing battle. They will never priorities prospecting. Why would they? They didn’t invest years in becoming qualified professionals to jump on the phone and sell.

So, here’s the question you really need to be asking…

If digital has disrupted how people buy, do you want to harness that disruption and capture the markets attention or are you prepared to roll the dice and risk being a casualty of it?

In our experience, companies who sell expertise struggle to explain what they do, clearly differentiate from competitors, and rely too heavily on one or two referral sources that they do not control.

We're not suggesting that digital is a "silver bullet" (they don't exist). In fact, it's difficult for companies to cut through all the digital hype and figure out what works for them. We believe that successful companies will use digital as a cornerstone of growth and avoid becoming commoditised "vendors".

That's why we work with good companies to help them master digital, connect with more clients, and drive new business. Like you, we think it's just plain wrong when inferior companies bamboozle people and just end up hurting both the client and your industry. Good clients deserve good companies – help them choose yours.

To become the first choice in your market, you need to differentiate your message and develop strategies to connect with buyers where they are – online. You'll use effective websites, content and automation to start and nurture relationships until they put their hand up and say, "I'm ready to talk to someone" – and you'll follow up, automatically.

The hard part is cutting through the noise surrounding digital marketing to find an effective strategy that works. We will help you match your message to the market, put the platforms and technology in place to deliver that message, and work with you to execute consistent activity that drives new business opportunities.

Remember, buyers WANT to work with you – a reliable company that can deliver. They're just scared of making the wrong choice. Companies that lead buyers through a compelling journey online win the relationship before their competitors even get a look-in.

Make sure that's you.

Schedule a call with us today. Why? Because 90% of your market wishes you'd give them a reason to choose you.

How much is ineffective marketing costing you? How many opportunities pass you by?