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Jon Haslett

Jon Haslett

Operations Manager at Dash
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Looking ahead to the future of Dash

As we reflect on the first 10 years of Dash, we’re pleased to share some thoughts on the future of our company.

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Seeing Double on Twitter: What 280 Characters Mean for Marketers

Twitter has done something surprising. They started allowing users to send tweets with 280 characters. Aliza Rosen, the Twitter product manager and senior project engineer …

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Fast and Fun Browsing: Top Firefox Quantum Tips and Tricks

Firefox recently released the newest web browser in it’s arsenal, dubbed Quantum. This new browser purports to be faster than Google Chrome and all previous …

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Magic Pixel Dust for Possum: Boosting Google’s Local Search Results

Did you know that 87 percent of people who own smartphones will use their phone’s browser to search for a local service? Most phones feature …

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Google Search: A Smarter Feed That’s Easier to Follow

As the web has evolved, Google has continued to dominate the search field, with their most recent update being the addition of a news feed …

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Broadcasting Your Business: Free and Easy Live Video Tools Anyone Can Use

In the last decade, streaming has taken the internet by storm. For years, businesses have incorporated YouTube into their marketing strategies. Today, many people are …

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#HappyBirthday: Reasons the Humble Hashtag is Here to Stay

The use of hashtags on social media platforms make it seem like it has been around for ages. However, it only started in 2007, but …

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10 Free Google Tools for Better Business You Probably Don’t Know About

Google accounts for over 94 percent of web searches in Australia alone. In fact, more than 10 million Australians use their smartphones for search Google …

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Facebook’s apps enable 360-Degree photo creation

Facebook has debuted a new 360-degree photo feature that allows smartphone users to take 360-degree pictures and upload them. Although it has a lot of …

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Get more Google reviews by linking directly to the review form

This screencast and article were published as an update to my original tutorial on how to directly link customers to the review form your Google …

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Introducing Facebook Pages Manager App

Are you getting more customer messages through your Facebook page? The Facebook Pages Manager App for iOS and Android will give you instant notifications on …

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Email marketing is more than sending newsletters

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of using software in clever ways to improve our business and provide extra value to our customers. How …

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