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Effective social media marketing for local business

Modern customers use social media to interact with family and friends, and interests, hobbies and products they care about. Their social feed is a gateway to the things that are important to them, right now. We help local businesses run effective social media campaigns to put the right content in front of the right buyer at the time it’s most valuable to them.

Social Media Strategy

Understand the “why”, “when”, and “how” of your customer’s behaviour to determine what social media platforms use, what content to create, share, and promote and how to engage potential and current customers at the right time.

Content Planning

We help you create a content calendar of what needs to be created, when, and how each piece of content should be shared and promoted. With content planned, our team can produce each piece for you to ensure it’s well written, designed, and speaks to your target customer.

Social management

Create processes and strategies to effectively manage your social media channels. This means regular posting and better communication, customer service, and conversion, without taking up all of your time. Essentially, we’ll show you how to effectively put the “social” into social media.


Track and monitor the performance of your social campaigns and use real world data and insights to find opportunities for improvement. We’ll help you analyse how customers engage with your social content, use it, and follow through to your website to take action.

Effective social media marketing for local business

Yes, paid social advertising is worth it

Many local businesses have tried some sort of paid advertising, typically on Facebook, and not seen the results they wanted. Paid ads work when the right strategy is in place, the target audience is understood, and brilliant creative is used to solve user problems and match buyer intent perfectly. We know how social ads work, and the role they play in the sales funnel to nurture leads into customers. 

Planning and targeting

Following our proven processes, we pinpoint when, how and why to use paid social advertising throughout the buyer journey. We know how to target the right people, at the right time, and structuring campaigns correctly.

Campaign flow

Your social ad is the point of connection between your business and a buyer. It’s the content you lead them to, and what you want them to do next, that matters. We’ll work with you to design the flow of your campaigns to lead prospects from ad, to landing page, to action by matching your ad campaign to customer intent.

Ad creative

Whether it’s remarketing, outreach, or brand awareness our team creates effective ad copy, graphics and visuals, to grab attention. As social media becomes increasingly noisy and cluttered, the ability to make the right buyer pause and take notice is paramount.


We manage your social ad campaigns to keep them running smoothly. By monitoring and tracking ad effectiveness and identifying opportunities for testing and improvement we consistently strive to get the most from your ad budget.

Common questions

Social Media Marketing FAQ

My Facebook ads don’t work, what am I doing wrong?

A common mistake we see with Facebook ads looks a little something like this.

  1. Create an ad. “Buy my stuff now, I even have a discount.”
  2. Target the ad to everyone in your local area.
  3. Go.

Here’s a useful analogy. You’re at a dinner party with family and friends, you’re talking about your lives, sharing photos and video from your holiday and sharing your plans for the weekend. Then the phone rings. You answer it and a telemarketer starts shouting their sales pitch offering you “20% off the new thing if you buy right now”. Your response would likely be very negative. Creating "billboard", "look at me", ads is the social equivalent. It's not going to work.

How much does social media marketing cost?

That depends on your goals, your audience, your product or service, and your competition. The good news is that most local businesses don’t need to try and “reach everyone”. In fact, that would be counterproductive. We use tried and tested methods to identify who to target, when to serve them content, and how to use social media to move buyers through their journey and towards your business. This minimises waste, and puts your ad dollars to work.

What social media platform should I use?

The short answer is, the one your customers are using. That’s why it’s so important to understand your customers and their behaviour. In fact, for some businesses, social might be a minor part of your marketing. It all depends on your buyers.

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