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Measuring website performance with Google Analytics

Jon Haslett

Jon Haslett

Managing Director at Dash
Jon Haslett

Jon Haslett

Managing Director at Dash

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for anonymously measuring website usage and learning about how customers are interacting with your website. It’s estimated that Google Analytics is currently used on over 70% of the worlds top 10,000 websites.

If you have a website you’re probably already using Google Analytics. Unfortunately most website owners aren’t taking full advantage of the power Google Analytics has to track the performance of their website.

What are you measuring?

With a simple copy and paste of a few lines of code Google Analytics will track some basic information such as:

  • The number of visitors to your website
  • The number of pages viewed
  • The number of time each page was viewed
  • How you visitors found your website

If it worth money, it’s worth measuring

Measuring basic usage statistics is only half the story. With a bit of effort and some extra code, Google Analytics can be used to track the actual activities that are worth money to your business such as:

  • The value of sales conducted through the website
  • Which products were purchased
  • The use of contact forms
  • Visitors using your website to dial your phone number or send you an email
  • File downloads such as PDF documents
  • The use of cost saving website functionality such as FAQ pages or customer support systems

If it’s worth measuring, it’s worth money

Attaching dollar values to goal completions is the final step in taking technical usage data and turning it into usable business information.

For example we can turn a website usage statistic like:

In April the website passed 73 new customer enquiries and processed 19 sales.

Into useful business information like this:

In April the website generated $12,000 in online sales and $7,000 worth of new customer enquiries. The average value per visitor to the website was $7.29.

Which website metric is more useful to the decision makers in your business?

Attaching dollar values to goals is the best way to measure the return from your website.

We’re here to help

Dash Media can setup Google Analytics with goal tracking and dollar values for your business. We can also upgrade your existing Google Analytics setup to take full advantage of what Google Analytics has to offer.

Reply on social media or get in touch if Google Analytics is something your business needs help with.

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