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10 Small Business Blog Post Topics for When You Run Out of Ideas

Hedley Swann

Hedley Swann

Digital Strategist at Dash
Hedley Swann

Hedley Swann

Digital Strategist at Dash

Driving new traffic to your site week after week with fresh content can be a challenge. You need original, quality content to engage your audience and to boost your SEO. But what happens when you run out of ideas? There are countless topics to write about that offer value to your audience.

However, sometimes it helps to have a little inspiration to get those topic ideas going. If you need some ideas, here are 10 blog post ideas to boost your website’s traffic.

1. Showcase Your Success Stories

An easy and fast way to give your audience something to connect to is to showcase your success stories. Did your brand reach a milestone? Let your audience know about it. Feature a few of your customers’ success stories or your teams’ stories.

2. Review the Products You Sell or Services You Provide

Videos have become popular marketing tools because they give your brand a face. Periodically review the products you sell and tell your audience how the products can help them. Use a video format and feature some of your team members to humanise your brand.

3. Compare Products, Services and Approaches

It’s your job to show your customers why they should choose your products. You can draw comparisons between your products or services to your competition’s products or services. It’s also a good idea to showcase how your approach is different than your competition’s approach.

4. Share a Day in the Life of Your Business

Take your customers on a tour of a day in the life of your business. You can either write this up or do a short video. This gives you an opportunity to show your audience what your business does. It gives your audience greater insight into your business and it can help to build trust in your brand.

5. Share Some Facts or Secrets of Your Business

People love to be included and like they know something other people don’t know. Letting them in on little known facts or secrets is a great way to accomplish this. You can spread them out over various blog posts and link them all together in a story.

6. Myth Bust Your Industry or Business.

Rumours fly no matter what industry your business excels in. Feature a few of the bigger rumours and do some myth-busting. This a fun way to inform people about your business, but it’s also a way to help preserve your reputation. Once a week, you can feature a new myth and debunk it.

7. Demonstrate How to Use Your Product or Service

Write and post a step-by-step tutorial or a guide for your products or services. These posts take a lot of research and work, but they pay off. Showing your audience how to use what you offer builds your credibility. It also puts you at the forefront of your audience’s mind when they have a problem they need help solving.

8. Do a Weekly or Monthly FAQ

Invite your audience to ask questions. Gather all of these questions and answer them in a blog post. You can also include common questions about your industry or business. Don’t forget to answer what seem like obvious questions, as the obvious questions are probably being Googled a lot – which makes your FAQ posts valuable to search engines.

9. Profile Local Events and Your Team’s Experiences

Get out in your local community and participate in local events. These events can help you connect on a human level to your audience. They’re also great for networking and getting your business’s name out there. Write about the events and your experiences, or detail them in a video post. These types of posts will show that your business is part of the community, and make your brand more personal.

10. Stay on Top of Industry News and Offer Your Insights

Set your Google Alerts to keep on top of any relevant industry news. When you get an alert, turn it into content. Give your audience your thoughts or insights on the industry news. If you’re first with any new information, people are likely to keep coming back for more news.


These 10 tips can help your business blog get more views. They’ll help you connect with your audience, and they can humanise your brand. Incorporate them and you have a credible, trustworthy, and connected business blog people will return to again and again.


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