Lift family engagement in student learning

School Story TXT is a communications program that helps school leaders make sure parents can confidently continue student learning.

Turn curriculum...

We match your teaching plans to our library of curriculum-aligned messages.

into messages...

Parent-friendly messages make the learning behind class activities accessible.

send weekly...

Use SMS – reduce digital literacy challenges and make engagement inclusive.

lift engagement

Give parents useful information and practical strategies to create natural learning opportunities.

Informative Writing
Persuasive Writing

The messages have been great, I've noticed they're only sent on a Fri/Sat + Sun at the exact same time each evening, so they're not spamming at all. Also great because we're not typically thinking about school stuff on a weekend so the txts for me are kind of like a reminder of "hey spend the next 5-15 min doing this activity" and getting a more in depth idea of what is going on in classes instead of the usual "I don't know" response from children at end of day 😆
Jessica's Mum
I like that I can just read the txts when they come through to my phone. They're straight forward and easy to understand.
Tanita's Mum
It's great to get a mid-week "what we're doing" update and then talking about that on the weekend.
Grace's Mum
Just wanted to say thanks for sending these, they're really helpful.
Herman's Mum
The messages come through regularly so I can read them in my own time. Makes them easy to remember.
Dayle's Dad

Make a difference.
Not a mess.


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