Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions Capturing the local hospitality market using digital

Project overview

As an established local business with a reputation for quality, Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions (DRS) needed to digital partner to help them take their brand online, increase local exposure, and create an effective sales funnel to capture leads and sales opportunities.

Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions seeked help in improving their search engine results, advertising their products and services, and generating online enquiries for their sales team.

  • How to translate their excellent word of mouth reputation to the online space
  • How to appear in Google for product category and service keywords
  • How to generate qualified enquiries to the sales team

In addition to creating a stunning new website, Dash worked with DRS to help them understand the buyer journey and develop a content marketing strategy to continuously optimise their search engine results.

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Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions

Our Role

Design, Development, Marketing Support


Website, Content Plan, Education and Consultancy

Capturing the local hospitality market using digital


Real year on year growth

Developing targeted landing pages for product and service categories has expanded the search reach of DRS significantly over time. In addition to impressive local Google search rankings, blog content continues to increase the reach of the business into valuable niche topics that their local competitors are ignoring. As a result, since 2016 the company has seen real year on year increases in the number of sales opportunities delivered from their online marketing efforts.


Make the brand stand out, and increase visibility in search

With search engine performance and brand differentiation at the top of our priority list, we worked with the DRS team to identify the common pain points and needs of their target customers and develop a new website to help them identify the cause of their problems, explore solutions and products, and why DRS is the obvious local choice.

Services vs. products

Brand differentiation was pivotal in helping buyers understand the extra value DRS could provide over their competitors. We purposefully separated the services and products provided by the DRS to highlight their ability to do more beyond “supply equipment”. Aligning the content on the About and Service pages to solving buyer pain points has proven effective and helped DRS compete on value, rather than price.

Local SEO

Understanding that many of their customers are hospitality professionals, we developed a set of targeted product category pages to highlight the range of equipment provided by DRS. This has led to the business being highly visible in search for users looking for specific equipment before choosing where to buy. In fact, over 10% of sessions enter the website through a product page.

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