Darwin Rental Specialists Taking an established property management firm digital

Project overview

Darwin Rental Specialists is a dedicated property management company located in Darwin, Northern Territory. Specialising in property management, the firm prioritises service processes, communication, and market knowledge to generate impressive returns for Darwin property investors.

Serving the local Darwin community for over 17 years, the business had an impressive record in team building and management, tenant retention, and renting properties much faster than the market average. However, the company had done very little in the online space, and Director’s Ann Russell and Phil Pethick realised it was time to modernise their marketing strategy.

Phil and Ann understood that growth would plateau if they didn’t reach new tenants and landlords online. They wanted a marketing partner who took a complete approach, who understood their business goals, and had the capacity to not only build and implement the tools, but design and execute an effective strategy.

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Darwin Rental Specialists

Our Role

Design, Development, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Support


Website, Email Templates, REST Property Integration, Marketing Plan

Taking an established property management firm digital


Increased visibility, traffic, and leads

Since implementing their new website and marketing strategy, Darwin Rental Specialists has claimed prominent positions on Google for priority keywords and is seeing consistent growth in their client base.


Strong strategy and world class web design

Dash delivered a results driven online marketing strategy, and developed a new website to serve as a hub for the firm’s marketing.

Buyer Personas

Using the extensive knowledge of the Darwin Rentals Specialists team, we crafted personas to identify the common questions, pain points, and needs of the target audience.

Content & Messaging

We outlined content and messaging to appeal to their target audience across the buyer journey, and identified topics their competitors were not addressing to engage prospects earlier in the buyer journey.

Website redesign

The existing website was based on a run-of-the-mill property management template, and didn’t provide the flexibility to easily edit content, align with the visual identity of the brand, or track and measure performance. It also didn't work very well on mobile devices, costing the company valuable conversions from visitors using their phones. 

We developed a new mobile friendly website that captures the location of the business and incorporates the features, actions and tools to facilitate new marketing activities and present a strong online position for the brand.

Marketing Plan

Working with the Darwin Rental Specialists team, we delivered a comprehensive and manageable plan to engage prospects across search and social across each stage of the buyer journey. The investment has paid off, with the company now dominating competitive local keywords, as well as increasing traffic to the website for topics the business was previously invisible for in Google search.

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