Advanced Residential Launching a new property management company into a competitive market

Project overview

Advanced Residential are a property management providing a boutique service to landlords and tenants who entered the market in 2017. The business is built on customer service, and maintaining a list of high quality tenants and landlords to great win-win relationships for both parties.

Understanding that online marketing would play a huge role in the successful launch of their business, founder Lee-Ann Schey approached us to design a marketing strategy and web presence to help Advanced Residential gain traction in local area from day one.

Advanced Residential sought help in understanding and using the digital space.

  • How to create brand awareness in a competitive market?
  • How to stand out against competitors?
  • What online marketing tactics are useful to the business right now, and what should the business grow into?

It was important that the business knew what to do at the start of their first year, how to measure their results, and then transition their strategy once the ground work was in place.

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Advanced Residential

Our Role

Design, Development, Messaging, Content Creation


Website, Facebook Page, Email Templates, Marketing Plan

Launching a new property management company into a competitive market


Launched with a bang

Following the launch of the new website, we launched the business to the local market with search and social campaigns. In addition to building brand awareness, an immediate goal was to identify segments of the target audience who were interested in the company's services in the short term.

"The growth results I wanted"

"Their depth of knowledge of social media, web design and strategies to help grow my business through online platforms has been highly valuable and resulted in the growth results I wanted."

Lee-Ann Schey

Lee-Ann Schey

Founder, Advanced Residential


Growth driven web design, social, and search

Following our initial conversations, we recommended a Growth Driven approach. This allowed the business to focus on the most important aspects of their web presence and marketing, create an impact, and then scale as the business grew.

What we did

  • Created buyer personas for key target customers.
  • Delivered a brand attributes workshop to help Advanced Residential mould their messaging and align their brand with their target audience.
  • Created a new website in line with our Growth Driven approach to focus on the 20% of functionality and content that would deliver 80% of the initial impact.
  • Ran a combination of social competitions, videos ads and retargeting to introduce the brand to the local market and create valuable retargeting lists for future campaigns.
  • Created landing page functionality to promote launch offers online.
  • Introduced Google Adwords to advertise Advanced Residential on search for key terms in the buyer journey.
  • Implemented a content and blogging strategy to improve SEO for targeted keywords and get the ball rolling on long term strategies following the initial launch of the business.

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