Working With Content Tables


Working With Content Tables


Hi, I’m Jason from Dash Media and in this video we’ll be covering working with content tables. Content tables make it easy for us to manage large amounts of content.

For this example we are starting with a content table with three rows. This table is specifically set up for staff profiles. We can change the order that the profiles are shown in by dragging and dropping any row above or below any other row. If I wanted to drag my profile up I can simply drag that up and drop it where I want it, or if I wanted to move Jonathan’s profile down we could do that as well just by dragging it and dropping it between the two profiles we want it to show up in.

Right-clicking on any row gives us an options menu. Here we can edit, duplicate, or remove any row. Let’s just click on the “Edit” option for my name. In the box that pops up we can see that we have two different fields as well as two tabs across the top.

We’re currently on the “About” tab and have two fields. If we change to the “Profile” page we can see that we’ve got another rich text field as well as another content table. This content table is specifically set up for contact details. We can rearrange, edit and remove rows the same as we would in the other content table. If I wanted to remove the “Another Email” row I can just right-click over it and select the “Remove” option. Once we’re happy with our changes we can just click the “Done” button on the bottom right-hand side and that will save our changes back into the content table.

The “Duplicate” option from the options menu will actually create a new row, copying across all the same values that were in the previous row. When you click “Done” you can see that you have a completely new row with all the same information as the one you copied.

You can remove that row by right-clicking on it and selecting “Remove”.

To add an entirely new row, we can click the “Add Staff Member” at the top. The label on this button will vary depending on the content table. Click on that button, fill out the information, and click “Done” and you can see that we’ve got a new row at the bottom of our table.

Sometimes when you’re working with content tables the MODX “Save” button will stay disabled even though you’ve actually made changes, if this happens just go to your “Title” field, enter a space and then delete it. This will force MODX to let you save. You do need to hit “Save” after changing a content table even though we’ve clicked “Done” on the windows that pop up.

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