How to update your MODX account details


How to update your MODX account details


Hi, I’m Jason from Dash Media and today we’ll be showing you how to update your user account details within the MODX content management system. As you can see I’m already logged into my MODX Manager.

At the top right-hand side of the screen you’ll see the logout button and next to that is a link labelled with your current username. Clicking this takes me directly to the “Profile” page for this user. We have our full name and email address. There are contact details here which aren’t filled out for this user but may be filled out for yours.

If you wish to update any details, such as our email address, we can do so by simply changing that and clicking the “Save” button. Now if I were to get a password reset or any communication from the website directly to me it would come through the new email address.

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