Introduction to the MODX Manager Interface


Introduction to the MODX Manager Interface


HI, I’m Jason from Dash Media and this video is going to be a quick introduction to the MODX Manager Interface.

As you can see I’m already logged in and MODX is showing me the dashboard. This just gives us an overview of recent activity in the manager. The table on the left will list users who have made changes to the site within the last 20 minutes. The table on the right will show us a list of pages which have been recently created or changed by your user account.

On the top right-hand side of the screen we have controls that are related to this user account, a link to the account manager page for the user, and a logout button for when we’re finished making changes to our site.

Just below this on the left we have the main MODX Manager menu. First we have a link to the dashboard which is the page we’re currently on. Next is a button that will open our websites homepage in a new tab. Then we have the “Clear Cache” button. I’m not going to go into exactly what clearing a cache means but it’s good practice to clear your cache once you’re finished making changes to the site. Finally there’s a link to the sitewide settings page.

Last but not least, on the left-hand side of the screen we have the resources tree. This lists all the pages and sub-pages of our site and basically works the same way as files and folders on your computer. Almost all local navigation within the manager will be done through this menu.

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