How to change your MODX site settings


How to change your MODX site settings


Hi, I’m Jason from Dash Media and today I’ll be showing you how update sitewide settings. In the top menu you’ll see a “Settings” button. By clicking this we open the settings page. Keep in mind that your settings page will look different than this as each settings page is built specifically for individual websites.

Here we have some default labels for things like enquiry buttons as well as our sites name. We also have links to our social media pages and sitewide contact details. Generally if a contact detail appears here, it’s going to be something that’s visible on every page on your site. So if you’re trying to change the email address on the bottom of every page on your website, chances are, it will be in this “Settings” section, under “Contact Details”.

Let’s change our email address. Once I’m happy with all the changes I’ve made I can click the “Save Configuration” button on the top right-hand side. Those settings have now been saved to our database and will be reflected across the entire site.

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