How to reset a forgotten password


How to reset a forgotten password


Hi, I’m Jason from Dash Media and I’ll be showing you how to reset your Client Area password in case you’ve forgotten it. To start with you’ll need to get to the Client Area.

Once we’re here, if I try to login with something that isn’t the correct password I’ll see a message, “Login Details Incorrect. Please try again.” If I can’t remember my password I’ll need to click on “Request a Password Reset”, enter my email address, click “Submit” and it will say, “Validation Email Sent”.

To access my validation email, I’ll need to be logged into the email account that I just entered. If I go to my Google Apps email I’ll see one from Dash Media saying, “Your login details for Dash Media”. Here there will be a link. I just have to click that and it will take me to a password reset page and here I can enter a new password.

After entering a new password and clicking “Save Changes” there will be a message saying “Password Reset Successful”. Now it’s automatically logged me in, but just to test that I’m going to go back to the login page and enter the password that I just set. We’ve successfully reset our password.

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