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Understand your buyers and solve their problems

To grow your local business you need to connect with customers. You need to become a little customer obsessed. Understanding who you are, who your target customers are, their needs, and their buying behaviour are the cornerstones of effective marketing. 

We create winning online marketing strategies for local business by taking a complete understanding of their target customer and designing a sales funnel that turns buyers into leads, and leads into customers.

Our approach

How to create an online marketing strategy for your local business

Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

Driving sales means having a strong understanding of your potential customers. Your buyers. We’ll work with you to create detailed representations of your buyers, who they are, what motivates them, their needs, questions and pain points.

Personas allow us to design your sales funnel – your website, messaging, marketing tactics, tools and technology – to match buyer behaviour. Simply put, accurate and complete personas are the strategic foundation for marketing that works.

Content and messaging

Content and messaging

With your buyer personas in place, we turn to take an in depth look at your brand. 

Who are you, and what makes you different? What makes you stand out against your competitors and makes you attractive to buyers? These conversations will form the basis for your messaging and online content.

Tactics and Technology

Tactics and Technology

Being able to deliver your messaging and content to buyers at the right time is pivotal to driving real results. 

Our team will help you make the right decisions on what marketing tactics, technology, and platforms to use to help connect buyers to your business, convert them into a lead, nurture them through their journey, and create a sales opportunity. 

Data and analytics

Data and analytics

If you cannot measure, you cannot improve. Part of an effective strategy is setting clear goals and objectives and having a robust method for measuring your progress.

We use industry leading analytics and data tracking tools to continuously analyse the performance of your sales funnel and identify improvement opportunities.

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The Buyer Journey

Long before people buy, they research and consider the options available to them. They go through the buyer journey. Understanding this process is pivotal to growing your business. In the information age, your online sales funnel is your greatest marketing asset. It needs to help buyers identify their problems and opportunities, build a positive relationship with your brand, and help them choose you when they make a purchase. Matching your sales funnel to the buyer journey is how we connect local customers with your business.


A buyer is experiencing a problem, but is unaware of the cause, and is trying to identify it.

Ensuring your website features content to help people understand their problems gives your business a unique opportunity to begin building a connection with buyers early in their journey, establishing trust and authority long before your competitors.


The buyer has become aware of their problem, identified its cause, and is researching potential solutions.

Continue to build that relationship. Help buyers review and compare solutions and highlight the key benefits of your products and services, and show how others have achieved successful results using your solution.


The buyer has decided on their chosen solution, and is researching and comparing vendors to provide that solution.

Now you can talk about your business. Why should a buyer choose to purchase from you? Demonstrating mastery of the solution, how you’ve helped others like them, and presenting an irresistible call to action will combine with the trust you’ve built in them and create a sales opportunity.

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