Email Marketing Turn leads into customers

Engage, nurture and convert

Most buyers won't purchase on their first visit to your website. They’re in “research mode”, figuring out what solution is right for them, which service to choose, and who to buy from. The big difference between marketing that works and marketing that doesn’t, is the ability to capture buyers early in their journey and nurture them as leads right up until they’re ready to purchase. Email marketing is a core tactic in that process.

Nurture leads

Forge strong buyer connections

With a clear understanding of your target buyer and their journey, we use email marketing to deliver real value as they identify their problem or opportunity, consider different solutions, and decide who to buy from. 

Ultimately, email marketing is how you keep buyers engaged until they become a real qualified sales opportunity.

The right tools

We use Campaign Monitor, Australia’s leading email marketing platform, to deliver impactful email marketing campaigns. Measuring the effectiveness and ROI of any marketing effort is key to success and Campaign Monitor puts comprehensive analytics at our fingertips to continuously optimise and enhance performance.

Forge strong buyer connections

Beyond new customers

Maintain customer relationships at scale

For most local businesses, it’s impossible to keep in touch with every customer on a 1-on-1 basis. There’s literally not enough time. Email marketing is a proven method for keeping your business top of mind for existing customers and encouraging repeat purchases. It’s also very scalable and measurable.

Branded newsletters

Publishing a newsletter to your audience of customers is an effective tactic to keep your business top of mind, foster good will, and promote referrals.

Promotions & offers

Effective email campaigns can drive repeat sales, and reward your "inner circle" of customers and fans for staying connected to your business.

Commonly asked questions

Email Marketing FAQ

Will you design and build branded email templates for me?

Yes, our team can create custom newsletter templates for use with the Campaign Monitor email marketing platform, taking into consideration your brand style guide, presentation, and commonly published content types.

Do people still look at email newsletters?

Yes, they do. We know what you're talking about, though. You probably get a bunch of unsolicited email spam for stuff you're just not interested in. But, what about the things you do care about? Chances are there are a number of email newsletters you consistently read. That's the trick, your email marketing needs to align with the interests and intent of your target buyers. That's when effective email marketing works.

Is email marketing worth it?

In our opinion, yes. Even today in the world of social media, email marketing still provides a consistently high return on investment.

Can you optimise my current email marketing?

Sure can. If you're wondering why your open rates are low, why people are unsubscribing, or you're not seeing the conversions you want, our team can review and assess your email marketing to help identify the problems and recommend solutions.

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