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Getting business owners out of their books

Engaging with their customers on a personal level was important to KHB, and Katherine (owner and bookkeeping extraordinaire) was open to being a little quirky. This opened up many cool opportunities to really showcase the business's personality. KHB's new website combines just the right amount of fun with clear informative content to captivate their audience and establish themselves as the local bookkeeping authority.

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Getting business owners out of their books

Let personality shine through

The team at KHB make bookkeeping fun, and their web presence had to be warm and approachable.

KHB wanted to make sure people understood that contacting a bookkeeper didn't need to be a daunting task. Showing the team's personality in the photos throughout the site really pulled this together.

Personality in web design

A picture is worth a thousand words

We used a collection of fun graphics to drive home the KHB team's approachable nature and set them apart from the boring stereotype of bookkeeping.

Personality in web design

Blog and social media strategy

KHB regularly publish articles and updates on their blog, providing value to their visitors and positioning themselves as an authority in the bookkeeping industry. Blogging is the best way to simultaneously boost your Google rankings and build a loyal, informed audience.

Darwin small business blog

Stunning Facebook links

Social media is a great way to engage your audience, and having control over what Facebook displays in links is important.

Full Facebook Open Graph integration across the KHB site makes sure that the titles, images, and descriptions displayed by Facebook, when linking to pages on the site, are bright, informative and clickable.

Facebook Open Graph integration

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