Learn the Google Plus lingo

Posted by Jon Haslett on 26 February, 2014 in Social Media , Google

Over the last couple weeks I've had a lot of interest in my Google Plus related blog posts. A common hurdle for new Google+ users is getting comfortable with the terminology. This is not surprising with words like Plus One, Circle, and Hangout.

Here are a few of the terms you might see thrown around on Google Plus and what they mean:

  • +1: People can vote for pages or content that they like. A +1 is simply a single vote. This is similar to Facebook's Like buttons.
  • People: These are the people using Google+, you and me. Each person has a publicly accessible profile displaying their activity and any information that you've chosen to make visible.
  • Circles: Google+ lets people organise their contacts into groups called "Circles". People can then post content and images to some or all of their circles instead of broadcasting to the public. Your Google+ business page you can also organise people and businesses into circles.
  • Page: A page is similar to a persons Google+ profile except that it is for a business or location. I recently wrote about how to create a Google Plus business page.
  • Communities: Groups of people with a shared topic of interest. Similar to Groups on Facebook.
  • Hangout: A chat session between 2 or more Google Plus users, hangouts can be text based, voice, or video. Hangouts can be performed on any combination of Computer, Tablets and Phones. If you have a new Android smartphone you might already be using hangouts as your main SMS Text Messaging application.

Those are the most common Google+ specific terms that can cause confusion. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for other definitions that should be on this list.