How to create your Google Plus Business Page

Posted by Jon Haslett on 13 February, 2014 in Social Media , Google

Today I'm going to take you through the steps involved in creating a Google Plus business page that ties together your business' Map and Search listings along with a Youtube channel, User reviews, and more.

Getting started

The first step is to figure out if you already have a Google account.

You already have a Google account if you:

  • Have a email address.
  • Use a smartphone running Google's Android operating system.
  • Use Google Apps in your business. If Dash Media setup your email and calendar then you probably have this.
  • Login to use any of Google's other services such as Drive, Docs, Analytics, Adwords, Adsense.

If all of the above fail then you can create a new one.

Now that you've got your Google Account:

  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Enable your own Google Plus profile by visiting‎ and following the steps on screen.

We're not too worried with actually using your personal Google Plus profile today, rather we just needed one so that we can get started with the Google Plus business features.

Create your Google Plus Business Page

Now that you're logged in to Google Plus it's time to create your brand new business page.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Get your page button.
  3. Choose your category, for local search and map listings you probably want to choose the Local Business or Place option. If you're a larger brand or organisation then the other options might be more suitable. Today we're focusing on setting up a Local Business or Place.
  4. Next you'll be presented with a map where you can search for any existing listings for your business. Your business probably already has some form of Google Maps listing either from the old Google Places for Business service or data sharing arrangements with companies such as Yellow Pages. Search for you you business by name and location. For example "Super Good Plumbing Darwin" would be a great way to find any existing listings for my imaginary Darwin based plumbing business of the same name.
  5. If you find your business already listed, click on it. Google will offer to verify your ownership by calling you on the listed phone number with a six digit PIN. Entering the pin will verify with Google that you are in fact the manager of the business and give your new Google Plus business page ownership of the Google Maps listing. Don't worry if any of the other details are wrong as you'll be able to update them shortly.
  6. If you can't find your business in the existing Google maps database click No, these are not my businesses and you'll be asked to enter your business details for a brand new listing. With a new business listing Google will mail you a postcard with your 6 digit PIN. While you can continue to user Google Plus and setup your business page, the new map listing won't be verified until you've received the postcard.

Update your details

These are the bare minimum details to complete to make your Google Plus page look like an acceptable home base for your Business' Google world.

  • Profile Image, click on middle of the placeholder to pick a new logo or photo.
  • Cover Image (the large background banner), hover over the existing Cover and click the change Cover link.
  • Business Description. Click Edit business information.
  • Opening Hours. Also found in Edit business information.

Congrats, you now have a Google Plus business page.