Darwin Web Standards: A Meetup Group

Posted by Hedley Swann on 28 February, 2013 in Darwin Web Standards

Once a month, if you were to walk into Shenanigans Pub on Mitchell Street, you'd stumble upon a most interesting event. For there would be a large group of people, laughing, drinking and merrily using phrases like "html", "css", "responsive design", and "Facebook". Welcome to the Darwin Web Standards Meetup.

The Darwin Web Standards Meetup Group watching a presentationEvery month, you'll find a variety of friendly people from many backgrounds discussing their passion for the web, learning new things and meeting new people. At any given event you'll find:

  • Website creators
  • Website managers
  • Small business owners
  • Content creators
  • Online marketers
  • Students
  • People who are interested in learning what's new

With such a range of interests and skill sets, there is always something to learn or a new side of the web to talk about and explore.

While the structure of the Meetup is casual, flexible and based around open discussion, each event features a short presentation on a particular topic. These presentations are designed to be informative and accessible so, no matter your skill level, there are valuable take aways each month.

Darwin Web Standards members enjoy special offers and promotions for key industry events, training courses, online resources and conferences. The Meetup also hosts respected members of the wider national web community from time to time, who share their expertise and insight into the industry.

Overall, if you're involved in creating, managing or running websites, or have a passion for knowing more about the online world, please feel free to visit the Darwin Web Standards group page, introduce yourself and come along to our next Meetup.