Adding File Downloads to Rich Text Fields


Adding File Downloads to Rich Text Fields


Hi, I’m Jason from Dash Media. In this video we’ll be talking about adding file downloads to rich text fields.

First of all file downloads work as in-line elements. That means we can select some text and then decide to make that a file download. Let’s put in “Download our PDF!” to add a download to, select it, and then choose the “Insert File” button. From the dialog box that appears we can see the “Name” which is the text that we just selected and we can either drag a file into the “Drop file here” box or click on the “Choose File” button. I’m going to choose a PDF file for this example. Once that’s linked to a file we can see that the text goes blue and we get it underlined, the same as we do with a normal link. If we click on that we get the same popout menu showing us exactly what it’s linked to, and the ability to edit or unlink it. The difference is, when we click edit, it actually gives us a normal link dialog box and it shows us the file that’s being downloaded.

If you need to change the file that this is actually attached to, the best way is to really unlink and then highlight it again and choose the insert file option. Because I’ve already uploaded that PDF, instead of uploading again, I can just go to the “Choose” section and from here we’ll have a dropdown box and there will be two options, “Content Files” is anything that we’ve uploaded from here and “Content Images” is anything that we’ve uploaded from the image dialog box, which you can get to by clicking on the “Insert Image” button. So any images that we’ve uploaded from there and we can choose here, we can also add as file downloads from the “Choose” section of the “Insert File” box.

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